Every Race is an Adventure

Fiesta Time  "Bandaritas" on the race route 

Something totally unique and quite unexpected @ the Bohol International Marathon - 17 km hydration station : barbecue, hotdog, fried egg and pandesal all properly arranged in chafing dishes.  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised and extremely tempted. 

Every race is an experience. Each unexpected encounter is priceless. Gotta love running out of town. Makes for a different change of "pace".

Move over CSM  Hydration and Food Station ... BIM has the " Catered Station "
Even Super Hero's have to eat sometime 
Hydration Station maned by Bohol Volunteers now that's what i call " Bayanihan "

It wasnt a Race but an " ADVENTURE "

To entertain the runners a karaoke behind a pick up truck was cruising the race route. i think the music they were playing was a Thousand Years - Christina Perri  

Sun, Sand and Race

A Change of Pace: Bohol International Marathon 2014

Adel T, Smiley and tbr team.
Bohol International Marathon Committee
Maeko Y.
Mark O.
Jowell J.
Jerilee Y.

Fresh meat on the street 

Sofitel 21 km Race

          It was quite a hectic week for my brother Ton, myself and the rest of the Condura Skyway Marathon Team (CSM) as we worked long hours to set up the website and get it ready by - hook or by crook - for on-line Registration by August 15, 2014.   By 5:00pm the site went active and in spite of a few bugs and a little fine tuning here and there, the CSM Website is running quite smoothly. 

After all that frenzy,  what better way to "calm the soul" or just relax after a stressful week than by joining a RACE - The Sofitel 21 –km Race.

 I love running in any kinda weather and the Sofitel Race had a little of everything - rain, cloud, sun and humidity.   About 6,000 runners participated in the 3 category event (5km / 10 km / 21 km) organized by Run Rio. It was a good race as expected and I had a good run. Just what I needed to get the blood flowing and relieve some stress. 

After running several races in MOA and the BHS area, I am considering exploring other race venues for a change.  Nothing definite yet but have a few options in mind.  I also wish to do a Marathon before year end I am hoping and praying that I can fully recover from my injury by then. Although  most of my time and effort will be concentrated on the  prep and planning of the CSM 2015, I am confident I can still manage to participate in a few races here and there. I am happy with the feedback we have been getting thus far and would like to thank everyone again for their support. 

And yes ! "Real Men do wear Spandex" ; - ) 

Condura SkyWay Marathon 2015 - The wait is Over !

 Hello, Condura Skyway Marathon Runners!
          After our absence in 2014,  we are happy to announce that WE ARE BACK !  The CSM Team is in an all time high taking great measures to insure that we give you the best race for the year 2015.

          I am glad that you have chosen to join us for this upcoming event which will take place on Sunday, 1 FEBRUARY 2015. Since it's inception in 2008, the stature of the marathon has continued to grow tremendously with 2000 participants on its first year to 13000 participants in 2013.  This achievement would not have been possible without your unwavering support. Your contribution to the success of this event is immeasurable. Your time and money to help us support our Charity Partners, not forgetting the courage and energy that you expend tackling the tough marathon course, is highly commendable.

          For next year, our main beneficiary is the HERO FOUNDATION.  We entreat all to join us in this noble cause and 'run for a hero'.  As we prepare to welcome an estimated 15,000 enthusiastic participants for 2015, we look forward to seeing you all at the start line and wish you a great and enjoyable race.

Once again, thank you for making the Condura Skyway Marathon one of the most successful and highly anticipated running events here in the Philippines.  We wish you all the best of luck.

Raul Patrick Concepcion
Condura Skyway Running Ambassador 

Marathon Running ,Cocaine and Robbin Williams

Robbin Williams does an excellent job in comparing the High you get from Marathon Running and Cocaine ; -).
Check the link below :
I love this man i will really miss him