Running Tales # 2 : Jeepney

I love Jeepneys.  I love the iconic vehicles' vibrant artwork, colorful designs, the retro signboards, gleaming accessories and airbrushed or stickered art that dresses a chunky piece of metal with unmistakable personality making each jeepney unique.

But I hate Jeepney drivers! In my opinion, they have no discipline. They are usually a consistent cause of traffic in the metro and
have no respect for the safety of their passengers, pedestrians and runners alike.

It was under the SLEX / Edsa flyover when a Jeepney driver suddenly cut me and almost clipped my left elbow.  I wanted to tell him off but thought otherwise thinking that the effort would be just a waste of time and energy.  So I just let it go and continued on my run.  Then, moments later,  I see the same Jeepney - the one who had just brazenly cut me off - pull up beside me.  I was expecting a verbal confrontation  and preparing myself for it until the Jeepney driver said, "Boss ! Sorry po. Di ko sinasadya..." and then simply sped away.

That's why I hate Jeepney drivers because just when you think you know them, there is that ONE that messes with your head and leaves a smile on your face.

ARC - 32 km. Run

Its "A Runner's Circle" Manila 4 th Year Anniversary. To celebrate the Special event, they organized a 32km Community Long Distance Run which starts at Tarnate Cavite, goes towards  Kaybiang Tunnel ( near Pico de loro ) and back to Tarnate Cavite. 
My brother Ton warned me about the route because I might wreck my knees. He has biked this route several times and its an extremely hilly and winding course.
As most of the runners say, the route is like that famous tagalog song, "spaghetti pa taas nang pa taas at pa baba nang pa baba."
Craving for an out of town race and 1 more long run before my first Marathon for 2014, I decided to go for it.
I have only one word to describe the ARC 32 km Race Route - "BRUTAL"!!  But I loved every minute of it.
What was unexpected is that I finished in the Top 15 position. Not bad for a 51 year old man. Ha ha.
Thanks Jeffery P. For the picture 
The 3 master Senior Runner.
Ruben Chong, Victor Ting  and I. We may be old but we placed in the Top 20.
With our muse Rhina S. and Master Vic Ting.

My good friend Henry 
Turn around Point is 1.5 km After the Tunnel
Ang apat na matanda nag quequentuhan tungkol sa chicks ! Ha ha

Saturday Pig Out Day

Saturday Rest Day is Pig Out Day.
Adding a little more calories before tomorrows Race 

Running Tales # 1 : Cariton Family

There is a family I frequently encounter during my runs. I call them the "Cariton" family simply because this is where this family of three - a father, mother and their little boy, literally lives - in a Cariton. They are never in the same place but stay around the vicinity of Makati Avenue by the "red light" district. They have been such a regular sight during my runs that I have made it a habit to give them some spare change whenever I see them.  No fail.

Then there was a day I had planned a long run, one of the few I've scheduled in preparation for an upcoming marathon. I got myself all psyched and was just about 7 kms into my run when I see the "Cariton" family just up ahead. Not wanting to stop and interrupt my run, I tried to avoid them by just simply passing them by.  The Father, however, saw me and called out "kuya!" and I just quickly replied "NEXT TIME nalang..."  and proceeded  on my way.

It wasn't long after when I felt a sudden tug in my heart that I just couldn't shake off and I knew why.  So I immediately turned back - back to the "Cariton" family - and handed them a little something; maybe a small gesture on my part but it must have been a much needed blessing for this family. They thanked me profusely as they usually do, always grateful and with a huge SMILE.  With that deed done, I went on my way and continued my run; the tugging in my heart completely gone.

I ran 31.56 kms that day. So did my run feel any better?  Frankly, no.  Did I do the right thing? Yes.  They say, making one person smile can change the world – maybe not the whole world, but their world.  I know I should always try to never miss an opportunity for kindness... because sometimes in life there just may not be a "NEXT TIME". 

RUPM - 3

After several failed attempts through the years, I have  finally completed all 3 RUPM Races for 2014.  I was thinking of running the Marathon event but optedfor the 21 km event instead.  As always, RUPM - Rio Races are something to look forward to and a change of route is always a blessing.  
Now if i can only find my dang rupm 1and 2 medals :-(                
Looking forward to my out of town races. Tired of Running / Racing in Manila. 
Rupm 3 - 21km
Rupm 2 - 32 km
Rupm 1 - 21 km
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